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Jacqueline Malo and Jean W. Lamarche along with their four children: David, Nancy, Sonia and Hugo decide to embark in a domain that connects with their existing company Béton Cowansville (1989) Inc. – the forming of foundations.


The boom truck is updated to update the fleet


The family purchases Coffrage G.B., a well known and established former in the region. The employees of G.B. join the team of Coffrages Dunasso


The company adds a new team of qualified formers of borders and sidewalks by purchasing a part of Construction Byram, a well known company in the domain.

With the additional investment of a new border machine the Gomaco 3600 GT we will be able to provide a quality service in a shorter time frame.


Lamarche family. From left to right Hugo, Nancy, Jean, Jacqueline, David and bottom Sonia